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Mud Tanks fabrication

Industrial Plant. Lint Cleaner. Kirkuk, Iraq

Supply , Installation and commissioning of a lint cleaner line.

Eatalian Production Facility.Gardena , California

Eatalian Production Facility.Gardena , California   Contract value : $

Contact : Antonio Pellini , . email:  Tel. 310-429-9177

This projection was executed by Tradeland's own staff from start to Finish.  It started with locating the property , design , demolition and new tenant improvement, including all permits and licenses.

This facility included a Mozarella cheese production facility, a Bakery , A Gelato production facility and a pizza production facility including a retail area.

Prima Pasta, Inc., a pasta production facility, in Los Angeles, California.

Prima Pasta, Inc., a pasta production facility, in Los Angeles, California.

 The project was 100% completed by Tradeland's personnel, From finding the location, planning, getting permits, construction, import of equipment, installation and commissioning.

DC Steakhouse. Erbil , Iraq.

DC Steakhouse.  Erbil , Iraq.

This project is executed 100 % by Tradeland's personnel, from inception to Finish.

Contract Value : $ 950,000.00

Auchan Hypermarket , 2014 Erbil Iraq

Auchan Hypermarket  , 2014   Erbil Iraq

Sandwich panel roof on a 13500 m2 Building.

New Roof was completed with a 10 cm Rockwool panels .

Amount of Project : $1,350,000.00

Serena Eatery. 2016 Erbil Iraq

Serena Eatery. 2016   Erbil Iraq

A Sit in Restaurant. Turnkey project including equipment purchasing.

Total amount of project :  $ 430,000.00

Italian City II , 2013 And 2014 Erbil Iraq

Supplied and Installed Interior as well as Exterior Doors.

Total contract value :$2,630,000.00

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