Regular and Preventive Equipment Maintenance

Regular and Preventive Equipment Maintenance

A scheduled and regular preventative maintenance program is a smart investment that pays big dividends by reducing overall maintenance costs, increasing system uptime and improving productivity of your material handling system. We offer multiple services to fit your needs. Our maintenance and service contracts are available monthly, quarterly and annually.Typically, these maintenance items include the following:

  • Checking motors, reducers and bearings for excessive noise.
  • Checking V-Belts, drive chains and sprockets for excessive wear.
  • Checking for loose bolts throughout the system.
  • Checking air pressure on regulators.
  • Checking for air leaks on lines and air bags.
  • Checking temperature on motors and reducers.
  • Lubricating reducers, drive chains and zerk fittings.
  • Adjusting tension on belts.
  • Checking for and replacing broken O-rings

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