Surface Preparation And Coating

Surface Preparation And Coating

Tradeland Co is a provider of Surface Preparation and Coatings Services.

Our custom solutions mean we choose the best techniques to remove existing coatings, prepare surfaces for inspection and coating reinstatement.

We pride ourselves on our blasting and painting technicians’ expert knowledge and ability to inspect and repair all variants of coatings systems to all structures.

Tradeland technicians are all trained in the repair of coating systems. We have an extensive range of coating equipment and accessories that support the delivery of turnkey coating programs to support clients’ fight against corrosion and to maintain their assets’ integrity. We commonly undertake a site condition survey prior to providing a quote for any coating project. Working closely with our customers to understand their needs, our highly skilled teams can undertake extensive coating works as either a single discipline or as part of a wider, integrated service offering. All of our blasting and painting technicians are handpicked, to ensure they have the required levels of competency and experience in their chosen fields, this way we can guarantee that the work carried out is of the highest quality

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